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[30 Mar 2023|09:26pm]


If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. )

[29 May 2014|10:42pm]
Today just so happens to be the day that my amazingly hot, talented, clever and funny girlfriend was born. So everyone had better wish Wendy a happy birthday, or I'll set a dragon on you.

Darling, pack a bag. We're leaving the country. (After your birthday dinner, of course.)

[Wendy and Katie's friends - most Gryffindors, classes of 97 and 94, etc! PRETEND SHE ALREADY INVITED THEM, OKAY.]
Don't forget, the Jewel at 7pm! Bring presents.

[09 May 2014|06:58pm]
Turns out Live To Tell The Kale's new sunshine smoothie is exactly what I needed after the week I've had. Mattie, you're a genius and your timing is excellent.

[Private to Gwen]
How's our scaly baby doing? Is she breathing any better? And more importantly, have you survived the last few days without losing any limbs or having anything set on fire?

[01 May 2014|07:44am]
To the cowardly piece of scum who attacked my girlfriend last night:

When I find you, I will hurt you.

I hope you're not particularly attached to your limbs.

[28 Feb 2014|06:55pm]
Is it just me or has this town got through a whole month without any murders/arson/Imperiusing, or anyone dramatically confessing to/being accused of the former? Apart from the small detail of the murderer/arsonist/Imperiuser still being at large, it feels like life in Helga's Hill is actually getting back to normal.

[30 Jan 2014|10:05pm]
Hey Cornfoot, any truth to the article in yesterday's Prophet about you carrying on with the Calliope Heights project?

[21 Jan 2014|08:15am]
Hey Gwen? Not that friendship's a competition or anything, but look at me remembering your birthday on the actual day. No public shaming for me!

Everybody else, say happy birthday to Gwen!

[07 Dec 2013|10:17am]
Happy birthday Alicia!

[Helga's Heroes]

I know we haven't had much practice time, but we're all fucking amazing so let's go out there and smash the Hogsmeade lot, yeah? And I mean that in the most sportsmanly (and sportswomanly) way possible. Keep it clean, folks.

If we win, I'm buying everyone cake.

[/Helga's Heroes]

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